ExPVR V3.9.21


V3.9.21 brings explicit support for planner database V2.103.

New in version 3.8

  • New recording processing system
  • Better support for more legacy planner systems
  • Better support for recording meta-data

New in version 3.7

  • Proper support for new Picasso firmware
  • Support for picasso undelete feature
  • Fixes issue copying from pre-darwin to picasso devices
  • Rebuilt UI which is more responsive
  • Redesigned database engine

Note that this version needs V4.5 of the .NET framework which is not available for Windows XP, for more details about why, please see this post.


Note that this software is for personal use only. If you want to use it commercialy (including as part of a 'value-added' service), please contact us for pricing options.

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