• Added - Support for planner version 2.73 (EPG Version R09+)


  • Added - Support for planner version 2.62
  • Added - Option to show volumes which do not appear as FAT32
  • Fixed - ExPVR will now format >2TB disks without failing (note that only 2TB of capacity will be usable)
  • Fixed - ExPVR will no longer fail without a descriptive error if there is a problem showing the user interface


  • Fixed - Grouping still not working correctly for copies from DRX890/5 devices.
  • Fixed - On demand recordings showing up as empty groups for copies to DRX890/5 devices.


  • Fixed - Recordings not appearing in groups on copied planners.


  • Fixed - Issue introduced in V3.8.13 which was causing some copies from legacy devices to result in an empty planner message.


  • Added - Support for new database version (PCAT-2.51: introduced in R006.058.60.00P, includes fields for planner sharing)
  • Added - Support for reading from German KabelBW disks
  • Added - Support for PCAT database version 3.47 (Sky DE)
  • Added - Highly experimental support for reading ext3-XTVFS layouts (as used by darwin Sky DE boxes)
  • Fixed - More fixes for Sky ITA pre-darwin -> Darwin conversions (now working perfectly)


  • Added - "Deselect all deleted" option
  • Changed - "Rebuild Planner" is now forced as it is no longer experimental and can fix a lot of planner issues
  • Fixed - Various fixes for Italian pre-darwin to darwin conversions
  • Fixed - Falure to copy recordings which do not have an SHREC_ITEMS record


  • Added - Brand new recording processor for extracting recordings
  • Added - PCR regeneration for recordings with missing PCR
  • Added - Regeneration of original ECMs in output .ts file
  • Added - Newcamd support
  • Added - Far better support for various meta-data versions
  • Added - Support for different naming scheme used by Indian legacy Tata Sky devices
  • Changed - Free version now limited to copying 15 recordings at a time
  • Fixed - Incorrect start time for some converted planners
  • Fixed - Slow downs when log window open


  • Added - Disk properties dialog (includes free space details etc.)
  • Fixed - Some issues with sector aligned (DB3/DB4) legacy planners


  • Added - Support for a wider variety of legacy planner versions
  • Added - Much better legacy DBF format support (means unknown versions are far more likely to work)
  • Added - Ability to attach patches to disk for diagnostic purposes
  • Added - Ability to force use of legacy planner when darwin databases present
  • Fixed - Issues with legacy planner parsing for some planner versions
  • Fixed - Issues with legacy recordings which have a start offset


  • Added - Grayed out menu items for 'impossible' actions (e.g. copying when no recordings selected)
  • Added - 'Format Only' option for formatting disks without copying recordings
  • Added - Ability to dismount and refresh disks in main UI
  • Added - Support for Picasso 'deleted' items
  • Added - Locking of hard disks on mount to prevent outside changes
  • Added - Improved recording copy wizard and clearer target box selection
  • Fixed - Issues with pre-darwin to picasso copies
  • Fixed - Various issues with merging / planner rebuilds and Picasso
  • Changed - Rewritten database engine which is far more compatible with changing Sky+ database versions
  • Changed - Rewritten UI code


  • Fixed - Various DBF (legacy planner) parsing issues


  • Added - Support for pre-darwin (Sky+ and Thompson Sky+ HD) to darwin copies (all other HD boxes)
  • Added - Improved support for pre-darwin devices
  • Added - Support for merging recordings from one or more disks onto one
  • Added - Better support for recovering recordings from corrupted disks
  • Added - Display of Genre and Sub-Genre information for planner items
  • Fixed - Bug which caused a blue screen to appear before certain pre-darwin recordings (including recordings made on Darwin systems before they where updated)
  • Fixed - A problem causing the buttons on the registration dialog to be pushed off the end when windows was set to High DPI
  • Fixed - Bug causing errors if only a small amount of video data was copied to an image (the image was not being made large enough to fit the databases)


  • Added - Support for copy+ *.XTV files
  • Fixed - Whole program crash on preview when video player does not exist
  • Fixed - Problems with non-english code pages
  • Fixed - Problem with cluster chain from extent code (for reading corrupt hard disks)
  • Fixed - Various pre-darwin issues


  • Added - Recording Previews


  • Added - VOD recording highlighting & selection
  • Fixed - Error when creating an image file which did not already exist


  • Added - New user interface built in WPF
  • Added - Experimental legacy planner support
  • Added - Support for falling back to using the extent file for drives with a corrupt video FAT
  • Added - Support for new meta-data formats
  • Added - New log viewer


  • Added - Format & Copy Wizard
  • Added - Configuration Tool
  • Added - Logging to file & far more verbose log items
  • Added - Faster method of detecting encrypted recordings
  • Added - Basic cacheing for direct disk access (should give better performance)
  • Added - FAT map diagnostic tool
  • Added - Diagnostic tool
  • Added - Update notifier
  • Changed - Rewritten Fat32 code (should perform better, and less likely to contain bugs)
  • Fixed - File naming error for drives still containing legacy recordings
  • Fixed - Errors with planners containing Anytime+ entries (to do with event name format)
  • Fixed - Various miss-alignment issues
  • Fixed - Errors with the little endian amstrad box


  • Fixed - Out of memory error for large STR extents.
  • Fixed - Problems reading file systems without a volume label (newly formatted darwin file systems no longer have a volume label).
  • Fixed - Progress bar error in file system viewer


Initial Release